Match Report: 2017-10-07, GSNDS vs Newtown CC

OK, let’s try that again.

Round 1 went about as badly as one could have imagined, although largely through no fault of our own. We won the toss, but things went downhill pretty quick from there. Despite the fact that Newtown were in 4ths last year (!) they really had a lot of talent with the bat, not really showing any difficulty against our attack, and finding the boundary with relative ease. We took some sensational catches, but that didn’t stop them rattling on at about 6 an over on a slow outfield, and 155 was the damage after 25 overs. Although, there was significant additional damage – fielding on Jellicoe’s ‘tufty’ surface has given Lach a broken hand, so he’s out for six weeks at least, although he did back up and umpire for 10 overs knowing he probably wasn’t going to be able to bat, so that’s a solid effort. And Pablo put his position as most favoured mascot in serious jeopardy by literally chewing a couple of holes into Banjo’s mobile phone screen. So, maybe a little was ‘fault of our own’.

The Gladdies chase started well enough, with Kunal, Banjo, Dan and Rob all hitting some pretty nice shots against a genuinely quality bowling attack. But it fell away a little from there. And when I say fell away a little, I mean we lost 5 for none, and 6 for 9 to round out the innings. Yah. Less said the better.