Match Report: 2021-06-06, GSNDS vs Kingsford Nazgul

19ths got the job done in a nail biter v Kingsford. After the umpire took us through about half the laws of cricket before the game, including the most important: DON’T TOUCH THE STUMPS, we won the toss and batted, with a solid start from Jimmy and Lach, and number three Centejas. But we lost wickets in clumps, and were fortunate to have Arul holding it all together with a crisp 42, which unfortunately he was not able to come back and capitalise on due to being awesome. So with some now typical late order hitting we still got to 8/154 in the 36th. This was good, but on a Waterworth Park that is actually looking pretty good these days with a quick outfield, looked a little light on.

It definitely looked a little light on as the Kingsford openers got going early, launching them to 0/53 after 11, until Jumpin Jimothy Ryan picked up his 399th wicket with a little snick that was well taken by Christian, sending their opener packing on 39. Looking at the rest of the match, its hard not to describe that as a turning point, as over the next 15 overs, we pretty much just ran through them. Jimbo got the first three, including, obviously, wicket 400 for the Gladdies, the second player to do so after, well, someone. Then Arul chimed in with three more, including an absolutely ridiculous one handed caught and bowled, reminiscent of one M.Stradling.

The catching in general was pretty tops, including another great catch to debutant Josh. Centellas chimed in with a vital 2/27 off six in the middle overs, and all of a sudden the Nazgul needed 62 for victory, with just one wicket in hand. But they did have their Witch King at the crease (unfair… John was actually a decent bloke, albeit an England fan). He batted extremely well, keeping out good balls and finding the gaps off the rest. He whittled the runs required down to 26 to go, then 18, then back up to 22, then down to 12… it was hard to follow the scoring, but it was looking like he might get them over the line. But no sooner had he brought up a heroic 50 than Jamie swooped, getting an lbw that had us sneak away with a 7 run win. Wow. Good times.