Match Report: 2021-05-29, GSNDS vs VOne Sports Club

The 20ths pulled off an unlikely victory in this one. Despite a pretty stacked batting line up, and another small ground in Burwood Park, the team was dismissed for just 127 in the 23rd over. Lakshman fell just one short of a retirement, and Flossy and Schoeff each got 21, but lots and lots of runs were left behind, and there was a grimness about the trudge out to bowl.

But early wickets to Kiran had VOne on the back foot, and incredibly tight spells from Schoeff and Flossy in the middle and two wickets to Soli had the game looking almost over at 7/64 at drinks. But VOne built a very solid stand, and got their score up to 108, before Rahul struck, first with the ball and then a great catch off Kiran to finish the game off. 19 run winners in an absolute boilover. Well done to Christian taking over the Rayns* of the team for the day. Better luck next time, Kunal.

*see what Mark did there?