Match Report: 2017-10-14, GSNDS vs Wood Duck County

Well round 2 didn’t go exactly according to plan, although for many of us, it went exactly as it could have been expected after Friday night.

Frankly, the Gladdies put up a damn good fight… making Wood Duck County use up a full 48 overs to get to 196, with some pretty small boundaries. That said, they only lost 3 wickets, and never really looked in all that much trouble. Marty, Brendan, Jimbo, Rob, Soli, Jamie, Banjo AND Dan all had a crack at various points, and the run rate was never high, but with only a few chances offered, and only two catches snaffled, it was a long slog of a day for not much reward.

Still, we weren’t outclassed by any means, and here’s hoping Rd 3 can bring a little more luck.