Match Report: 2017-07-01, GSNDS vs Coogee Bay Rebels

A pretty awesome win. After losing the toss yet again, and being forced to field for the first few overs with just 7 players, including a first time keeper (thanks for volunteering Banjo!) in bitterly cold conditions against a strong Rebels lineup, it had all the hallmarks of a pretty tough morning. But some very disciplined bowling and a weirdly cautious approach from the opposition had us controlling the game from the outset. The Rebels only lost one wicket in the first 26 overs, but we held them to just 117 over that period, and so when they started to try and hit out, the wickets just tumbled and they never got their innings going. Jimbo picked up his 300th wicket for the Gladdies, and a couple of others to go with it. Marty’s late injection into the attack surprised the crap out of their batsmen, and also brought late wickets, along with Centejas doing the business in the closing overs at the other end. Holding them to 8/158 was a top effort on a small ground.

Our chase began well, with Centejas jagging a few before being knocked over. Then Dan and Lach solidly built the match winning partnership, scoring slowly but steadily, giving us a platform to launch an assault with the security of two guys ready to come back at the end if needed. Soli and Jimmy D hit solid 20s in good time, as we ended up getting home with 6 wickets and 4.5 overs to spare. Very good result in 9ths.