Match Report: 2017-06-25, GSNDS vs Glenbrook Blaxland

This one felt a little like the one that got away, as we certainly weren’t outclassed, but really made life a little too difficult for ourselves.

We lost the toss yet again, bowling first. Things started ok, with no wickets, but not that many runs either. The boundaries were long and the outfield slow, so it wasn’t that hard to keep runs down, but our fielding in the air and on the ground was a bit sloppy in places, giving Glenbrook runs and chances that would come back to bite us.

One loose over helped them to 91 at the break. The game moved at a somewhat glacial pace, thanks to the umpire, who, whilst genial, was probably alive during the last Ice Age, and isn’t really a spring chicken anymore. Wickets fell here and there, but they had the luxury of wickets in hand, and got away with a few big hits to finish on 198. Only taking one out of at least five chances didn’t help us much in the end.

Our chase started steadily but slowly, and whilst never out of the game, we progressively fell just that little bit behind the required run rate. Six and then seven an over didn’t seem like much, but with some sharp fielders and the outfield staying slow, it eventually proved too much. Pretty much everyone applied themselves with the bat though… the last 7 wickets were bowled, with most batsmen dismissed having a go to try and keep the score ticking over. In the end, despite yet more heroics by Dan, his 62 was not enough, and we fell about 30 short. Not that big a margin, and certainly close enough to regret what might have been.