Match Report: 2017-06-17, GSNDS vs Troopers

The Troopers showed why they are a 1st grade summer comp team, very handily accounting for the Gladdies. It took until the 26th over before we even took a wicket, and they already had 184 on the board by that point. While we were a bit unlucky with a few chances falling into gaps, they weren’t really all that troubled by the bowling attack at any point. While we managed to cobble together 6 wickets by the end, and ‘restrict’ them to 256, it was always going to be a tough ask.

A tough ask that was well beyond us as it turned out. We didn’t even make it to the 26th over, with only the two Dave C’s putting up much resistance – 35 to Banjo and 22 to Centejas. All out 97.

On the upside, its the 10ths this coming weekend, where we’ve got, perhaps unsurprisingly, a much better record. Although not against our next opponents.