Match Report: 2017-06-03, GSNDS vs Smithfield RSL

The 10ths kept on their merry way, racking up another win in Sydney’s balmy southwest.

We got another opportunity to bat against the white ball, and it came off pretty well. Lach and Dan enjoyed the hard ball and fast outfield early, taking us to 100 in the 14th over with only 2 wickets down. This was despite some pretty solid bowling from Smithfield, who had some genuine express pace bowlers who deserved much better figures than they finished up with. Further lusty blows and selfless run chasing were struck throughout the lower order before Lach came back and brought up his maiden 50 for the Gladdies. The skipper then kept his record up of not getting 50s unless he’s been dropped at least twice, and further enjoyed some streaky shots and poor fielding to somehow get to 86 by the end of the 36 overs. 8 for 255 a very good effort from the Gladdies, although not unassailable given the ball and conditions.

Sadly for them, Smithfield was never really in the hunt after Soloman took the pegs of their 1 and 3 for very little. Dan, Brendan and Lach all took regular wickets as they hit out to much less effect than we did, falling to 8/100 after just 21 overs.

Ensuring that number 8s look after other number 8s, the skipper then dropped a sitter that would have finished the game, but instead allowed their last man to bludgeon another 33 runs off about 4 overs before Jamie finished off the innings with a ball that spot on knocked back the top of off. Not sure how often the guys batting at number 8 finish up top scorers for both teams, but a win by 122 runs a very tidy effort.


Editor’s notes:

Marky crushed, as did Lach, and we won by 122. Good times!

P.S. if your name is on this list, Marky is coming for you. If you’re not on this list, Mark is officially better than you.

Poole I.
Barron A.
Low D.
Sorrenson M.
Boyd T.
Haigh R.
Apoifis N.
Thatcher N.
Kalia S.
McNamara C.
Winterton D.
Brandon M.
Bilkey R.
Bilkey S.

Team Milestones

  • 255 – second-highest winter innings total; best since 2009
  • 122 runs – largest run-winning margin since 2012

Personal Milestones

Best Bowling

  • Drummond L. – 3/12 (5)
  • Woolcott J. – 1/20 (2.4)

Highest Score

  • Johnstone M. – 86*
  • Drummond L. – 53

Batting Aggregate

  • Johnstone M. – second-fastest Gladstone to 3000 career runs