Match Report: 2017-05-28, GSNDS vs Glenbrook Blaxland

The Gladdies went 1-2 in 9ths, although it was certainly far from the ignominious defeat that looked possible when Glenbrook put 270 odd on us from their 36 overs. We looked a bowler or too short, and while they had some good players, mostly they just had a swing and connected with plenty. We gave them a few chances and they turned that very effectively into runs.

Still, we gave it a red hot crack. We were never that far behind the run rate, but lost wickets just a little too frequently. Banjo and Dan put on 70 for the 2nd wicket, and Jamie and Dan put on 51 for the 9th wicket, but when Dan was controversially caught for 69, our chase came to an end. An honourable 212 off 26.3 overs a solid effort, though.