Match Report: 2017-07-08, GSNDS vs Smithfield RSL

A mildly disappointing loss, although it really was a lot closer than you might have thought. The Gladdies finally won a toss, and batted first. Smithfield again had a good bowling line up, and with boundaries that covered the entire suburb of Padstow, runs were hard to come by. Sundries contributed 33 and Banjo a solid 23, but other than that it was just one man placing the ball beautifully and running 2 after 2 after 2. Despite not being back to full health, Kunal racked up a magnificent 75, with only 2 boundaries. It was really only thanks to his patience and determination that we got to 161, which was an ok score.

A somewhat cobbled together bowling attack did its best, and we chipped away at the wickets, with Soloman and Jimbo picking up a couple each, but Smithfield never really looked in that much trouble, and took advantage of the wide open spaces to run us around. Kunal somehow found the mental energy to take a top catch and a sharp stumping, but we were probably a player short throughout… that literally being the case for the last half hour. Taking six wickets and denying them until the 33rd over was a good effort in the end, but a loss is still a loss.