Match Report: 2020-12-12, GSNDS vs Malabar United

Another very solid showing week one has our season very happily rolling along. Stand in tosser (the regular tosser running late) Jimmy did a rock solid job and allowed Marty to finish his short stint up here with another hit out with the ball. Fat lot of good that was though, with both Marty and Flossy finishing wicketless after 7 overs a piece (it was pretty darn good bowling though). Jamie and Winnos took over the attack, and after a couple more quiet overs, things started falling our way. From 0/78 in the 21st over, things happened quickly, with the Gladdies netting a team hat-trick and breaking the back of the Malabar resistance. Winnos kept it tight at one end while the wickets kept falling at the other, and with some very solid catching all round they were 7 down and Jamie had his first 5 fa. Jimbo and Brendan made short work of the tail, and all out for 142 was the damage. 7 overs were left to face at the end of the day, and Centellas and Lupton faced them off without chance, ending at 0/16.

Week two saw us turn in a mildly disappointing performance to finish the year. I think we all turned up expecting that a win wouldn’t be too hard to come by, but it just didn’t turn out that way. There were a few poor shots, but mostly it was just really tight bowling and solid catching that got Malabar home… kind of like us last week. We started down due to Tim’s secateured hand, and despite some solid middle order partnerships where everything looked in hand, the wickets just kept falling slightly too often. Brendan played a solid hand scoring 38, but when he holed out at long on, we finished up 24 short. Bummer.