Match Report: 2020-11-28, GSNDS vs Fine Legs

A pretty good result on a f.cking hot day at Centennial Park week one. Fine Legs turned up to the wrong ground and, quicker than you can say “we don’t want to be d.cks, but seriously, you guys have no players here at 9, and, in this heat, can we claim the toss?” they won the toss and elected to bat. Fug it.

So we bowled in a hairdryer for a while, with Flossy generating some serious heat of his own and Hirak moving it sharply. The Fine Legs best were at the top of the order though, and they dug in to get to 0/73 off 22 as Winnos and Brendan chimed in with more tight spells. But eventually, one team had to crack, and thank f.k it was them. Soli got the first breakthrough, and a few more to finish with 4/13 off 6. The wheels really came off and Brendan, Jumpin and Simon all picked up sticks to have them all out for 103 off 38 overs, albeit 2 men down.

Sadly for them, that meant there were plenty of overs in the day left, and despite them being desperate for us not to play on, we, finally, were d.cks, and said, no, we’ll take the extra overs, thanks. Jimmy and Centejas capitalised, and we are already 1/51 with a further 50 overs to play and the distinct possibility that Fine Legs will turn up short again. Solid.

An excellent result was achieved week two, without being a complete drubbing of Fine Legs. We made pretty short work of the remaining 50 odd to get first innings points, and then Flossy and Winnos unleashed to propel us very rapidly to a comfortable 100 run lead by drinks, with Flossy registering a brutal ton, and Winnos finishing just 3 short of a 50.

With 10 men, including some additions from last week, 22 overs was always going to be touch and go as enough to knock them over, and they proved significantly more resilient in any case. Marty showed months of lock-down hadn’t slowed him much, and was unlucky to only finish with 2 for. We grabbed a couple more here and there, but there Kiwi import made the loose balls fly, and finished on 58 not out with Fine Legs only 4 down. The catching wasn’t quite up to scratch for us – not looking at anyone in particular, mainly because I’m acutely aware of all the eyes on me. Still, at beers after the game it was agreed that Fine Legs are too nice a bunch of guys to really deserve to lose outright so probably the best result at the end of the day.