Match Report: 2020-10-10, GSNDS vs Cripples Cricket Club

The Gladdies showed little to no mercy to a brand new team to the comp, the Charlie Sheen Cricket Team, who were certainly not winning their first SMCA fixture at any point during the day. An indoor cricket team, they showed up with 8 players and used practice balls, and generally had to be coached through the entire affair. Special thanks to Tim Lupton, who appeared to single-handedly hold their scoring together throughout our bowling performance.

While we conceded a few wides, and the short boundaries helped, 74 probably flattered the CSCT batting performance. Only two guys made it past 7, and every bowler got a piece, with two each to Flossy and Rookie, and 1 to Hirak, Simon and Jamie.

75 was never going to be a challenge, and soon to be Melbourne bound Binya made pretty short work of it, knocking up 48 before the indoor fielding skills finally showed up and he was run out from a side on direct hit. Jimmy D and Tim got the rest.