Match Report: 2020-09-19, GSNDS vs Spartans

Sadly, the Gladdies did not win the 4th grade premiership. We played hard, and we stuck at our task from start to finish, but yet again, the f.cking Spartans were able to chase down 160 odd.

They sent us in to bat, which turned out to be pretty smart, as the wet outfield provided no value for shots. As is often the case, Kunal and Dan provided the foundation for us, with Dan’s 44 the cornerstone of the innings. No ducks were recorded, but not many others really kicked on, despite some highly enjoyable tail wagging. 161 didn’t quite feel like enough.

The outfield sure felt quick in the afternoon, but we really bowled as well as we could, with no fewer than 11 maidens bowled out of 45 overs. Jimbo and Hirak in particular bowled outstanding spells – 3/28 and 0/17 respectively, both off 12 unchanged overs. But we just couldn’t quite get the wickets we needed, and they took their time, winning it with 4 wickets and 4.5 overs in hand.

There were definitely what ifs and what might have beens sprinkled throughout the match – but that’s park cricket. In any case, hopefully our chances of staying in 4th grade this coming season haven’t been done any harm.

Thanks for the longest and weirdest season we’ve ever had.