Match Report: 2020-08-22, GSNDS vs Plan B

With a shift from regular season action to the consolation comps (the Sh!t, Sh!tter and Sh!ttest divisions, of which we were graded in the last), the season finally turned a bit of a corner with an outstanding team effort out at Burwood. The awkwardness started immediately for Plan B when they won the toss and had to go with their Plan A – batting first. 1-0 Gladdies.

Burwood lived up to its reputation as a postage stamp with a quick outfield, and despite them being 129 at drinks, we certainly hadn’t played poorly. They had a couple of retirements, but we’d held some solid catches, and that would prove vitally important. They were poised to really launch with 10 overs to go, only 4 down, and already on 174. But despite the ball disappearing to all parts, we kept at it, and Soli and then Hirak each grabbed a couple of wickets to have them all out for 217 with a criminal 4 overs still left to bowl.

The Gladdies chase was a methodical team effort. Everyone hit at least one boundary, we kept the run rate around 6 the entire innings, and we hit only one six, using the fast outfield to perfection. There were a number of good contributions, but the 68 run final stand off just 8 overs from Flossy and Jamie iced everything nicely, getting the runs with 3 overs in hand.