Match Report: 2019-06-29, GSNDS vs Sydney Supersonics

We didn’t really play terribly, and the team we played weren’t really amazing, but boy we sure did get our arses handed to us. The conditions were glorious at Parkes Drive, but the cricket was anything but. We never really got going, losing wickets steadily to a solid but not breathtaking bowling attack, although, to be fair, they did hold their catches well. No-one got a duck, and a few got runs here and there, but there were a lot of overs when the best we could do was kind of survive, and the run rate showed. We were 4/64 at drinks, and all out for 133 off 35 overs. It was never really enough.

They started the chase like a house on fire, and it very much looked like we’d be done before drinks, but a couple of wickets to Lach and some tight bowling from Soli and Jimbo at least got us past the 20 over mark. Not a lot though, as they brought up the winning runs with 7 wickets and 14 overs to spare. Ouch.