Match Report: 2019-06-22, GSNDS vs Western Scorpions

Pretty shit Saturday all round… I spent much of it dry retching after an outstanding Friday night and early Saturday morning. The Gladdies spent it proving conclusively that we are the worst team in 11th grade.

Losing the toss always sucks, and it seems the Scorpions took full advantage of Johnstone Reserve’s quaintly miniature boundaries. Ali got two early, but it doesn’t look like they ever took their foot off the pedal, and with a couple of retirees, they banged out a very healthy 232 despite Jimbo’s economical and strikeworthy 3/29.

Our chase began solidly enough, with Christian hitting some boundaries early, but we really let the asking rate climb dramatically early on, going to the break only 2 down, but with less than a third of the job done at 73. Various blows were struck in the final 18, but we ended up not even bowled out but a good 27 runs short. Some hard thinking needs to be done in the early-mid overs if we’re going to beat any one in 11ths it seems.