Match Report: 2018-06-02, GSNDS vs Cheetahs

After a 3 match losing streak, the Gladdies were helped back into the winners circle by the predictably sub par level of opposition found in 9ths. Not that we didn’t play well, but seriously.

Kunal was at the game on time, and dutifully lost the toss, but it was a good toss to lose, being sent in in what felt like subzero conditions. Banjo and Kunal got things off to a very solid start, riding out the openers and then taking the change bowlers to the cleaners. Both registered 40s, which helped us get to 0/100 in the 16th over. Cheetahs decided that the only thing they hated more than boundaries was wickets, putting everyone on the fence and rarely bowling at the stumps. What followed was a pretty boring 15 odd overs where the Gladdies scored a lot of singles. Lots and lots of singles. Like, two batsmen each had consecutive runs of at least 10 singles in a row. Still, if the Cheetahs were going to give em away, we might as well take em. That set a platform for swinging at the end, and everyone had a dig, before Cramsie came back to all but get a 50, and Kunal again took control at the end, registering 63. 9/233 off 35.5 overs a pretty good effort in the face of a
bitter wind.

When we went out to field, it got just a little bit colder. And rainier. Never have Jimbo’s jumpers felt more valuable. But the Gladdies got the job done, mostly with bowleds and lbws, which was lucky because me if it didn’t feel like your hand had been sawn off if you took a catch. Marty’s early 3 for pretty much ended the resistance, with Jamie, Centellas and Dempster cleaning up the middle order and tail, along with a couple of sharp run outs. Somehow we lasted 32 overs in extreme cold, and not a small amount of rain, but came away with the win by 101 runs. And presumably a few head colds.