Match Report: 2018-05-26, GSNDS vs Sydney Invicta

Sadly the 10ths slipped to their third consecutive loss. Most disappointingly, this one really was within our grasp. We won the toss and batted, and, again, the bowling was nothing special, and most guys got at least something of a start. But, as is frequently the case with the Gladdies, patience was a little missing, and Invicta held their catches whenever we gave them a sniff. Kunal and Cramsie both got 25, but the best partnership of the day was 52, between Marty and himself. Thankfully he got us to 150, but given we had at least 8 overs to go, we sure left a lot of runs out on the pitch.

The Invicta batting was again nothing special, and our bowling made inroads and kept the scoring down, but a few spilt chances cost us dear. When you consider that none of their batsmen made it to 40, and they only got the runs in the 33rd over, it really was a close game. Which makes it a little awkward to imagine what the result might have been if we made even just 30 more runs.