Match Report: 2018-02-03, GSNDS vs Benchwarmers

Not the finest of performances week one, as it might be said a touch of hubris got us into a bit of a pickle. Things started well enough, winning the toss and electing to bat against a four man Benchwarmer outfit on a sodden outfield. Kunal, Charlie and Banjo got us off to a great start, and at 1/90 after 15, everything was great. Charlie’s knock of 62 was brutal, including 5 4s and 3 6s.

But then, well, Gladstones. More fielders turned up, and the bowling improved a little, but the batting fell away completely and all out for 139 off 27 overs was a pretty ordinary effort, including 5 scores of 1 or zero. Shot selection went totally out the window. Whilst we subsequently put in a fairly determined effort with the ball and in the field, taking 2 wickets and bowling 6 maidens in the remaining 20 overs, Benchwarmers are already 2/70.

But if there’s any team that can collapse like the Gladdies, its probably the Benchwarmers, so still plenty to play for.

Well, at least it was over quickly. Benchwarmers batted like they had a bus to catch week two and, if anything, they probably got there a little early, as they had the runs by 10am. With a late start. We jagged a couple of wickets, but really, let’s just put this whole abject performance behind us and focus on the next round.