Match Report: 2018-01-13, GSNDS vs Wood Duck County

I wasn’t there to witness it, but it sounds like the Gladdies did an excellent job week one, holding our chief rivals for 3rd on the table to just 168, with solid bowling performances from Jamie, AJ Snr and Chris LL.

The Gladdies got the job done yesterday… just. In what turned out to be the captaincy call of the summer, Jimbo’s decision to bowl first last week paid extraordinary dividends as Wood Duck County had to cope with 35 degrees+ for much of the morning. Runs were not easy to come by on a large outfield and in the face of some tight bowling. Banjo and TJ laid an excellent platform, taking us safely to the first drinks break. Charlie came in for a quickfire 20, but then Jeffcoat tore a hole right through the middle of the Gladdies, losing 7/58. But Stenhouse and Le Lievre righted the ship, taking advantage of tired bowlers with some powerful hitting. Rob fell with 20 odd to go, and we ended up getting home with 2 wickets and 10 balls to spare. Great result.