MATCH REPORT: 2017-04-01, GSNDS vs Rebels

Sadly, we didn’t finish on quite the note we’d hoped, although inasmuch as a couple of things didn’t quite go our way, and a few little errors here and there made a bit of a difference, it was probably a fair reflection of the season we’ve had.

Following previous LMS form, we won the toss and batted. TJ and Kunal got us off to a solid start, although the wet outfield did made boundaries a little hard to come by. TJ all but got to 30, while Kunal resolutely marched to his second straight retirement. Dan and Marty also got into the 20s, and Dave Centellas had some big hits, but no one else got to 30, and while we scrambled well at the end, as Brendan said 148 was probably always about 20 runs short of what we wanted, and what we could have got on a different day.

The Rebels made a solid start until Marty got a double breakthrough in the 5th over. Thereafter though the Rebels slowly but steadily swung the game in their favour, moving along at 5 runs an over with the occasional big hit. We didn’t bowl or field that poorly, but they certainly took advantage of the loose ones, and the odd error in the field gave away runs that we really hadn’t scored when we batted. They had 2 guys get to 30 and another three get 20 odd, and whilst more wickets from Marty brought the game alive, in the end they got the runs (including their 15 run bonus) with 7 balls to spare.

So thus ends 2016-17. Not our best, but a creditable effort against fairly solid opposition in the second half of the year. As always, bring on winter comp!