Match Report: 2016-12-10, GSNDS vs Benchwarmers

Pretty frickin awesome day to end the 16th year of Gladdies cricket. It was remarkable enough that we were able to play at all, given the rain on Thursday and Friday, but God proved he loved not only cricket, but Jimbo too, by holding off enough to see the Centennial and Moore Park Trust open the grounds on Saturday morning. An honour guard was provided for Jimbo to enter the fray for the 300th time in the Empire Blue and Red. Disappointingly, we had a full team for the start of play, which was hardly a fitting way to mark the occasion.

Confident of wrapping up a victory with our solid target and reduced overs, we sure bowled a lot of wides and no balls early on to give the Benchwarmers a sniff. Despite a typically quick first spell, Marty was unable to break through, and so it fell to none other than Jimbo to come on in the 13th over and pick up 2 wickets immediately. Now Marty knows how Rich felt for much of his career.

Jimbo picked up another, as did Binya in a rare appearance from Melbourne, and when their opener played a very lame off drive to be caught in the last over before drinks off celebrity bowling, it looked in the bag. Cue the guy who took 7 for last week to come in and go nuts. It was always going to be a tough ask, but when he and the bloke with the longest run up in cricket added 73 off 8 overs, it was starting to feel like those beers at drinks may have been slightly premature.

But then Marty came back on and did what good fast bowlers do. In 3 overs he took 4/6, including 3 bowled, finishing off the tail and the match, to have the Gladdies victorious by 62 runs.

Beers flowed on the sideline until the poor bastards from afternoon comp came and had to play in increasingly hot temperatures. We sat in the shade and heckled former team mates, until the call of schnitzel at the Bavarian became too hard to ignore. Such good times.