MATCH REPORT: 2016-11-19, GSNDS vs Weekenders

A fairly disappointing result. Weekenders won the toss and pretty much had a red hot go from the outset, scoring quickly on the small MP4. Their efforts were assisted by, on balance, a pretty ordinary performance in the field, although, to be fair, a lot of chances fell just out of reach. 223 was a fair reflection of just how comprehensively they took pretty much everyone apart.

It will not surprise anyone to learn that the chances that just fell safe for the Weekenders tended to go to hand off us. We had a solid start, with 20 each from Charlie and Rookie, before Rookie played a genuine, orthodox cricket shot and got caught and bowled. Rob came in and went ballistic, hammering 8 fours and a six before holing out on 47. Then things really went to sh.t. Sorro was looking solid, timing it like he’d been batting every week for the last five years, before… well, let’s just say it’s unlikely the Woolers will be receiving a card featuring the beaming faces of Mat, Sarah, Will and Sam this Xmas. In a touching tribute to our ‘heroes’ in the national team, we lost 6/10, and while Soloman crunched a further 28 towards the end, the chase was never really on.

Many thanks to those who stepped up to make sure we had 11, much appreciated.