MATCH REPORT: 2016-07-30, GSNDS vs St Ives

Unfortunately, Saturday didn’t quite go perfectly to plan. St Ives got juuust a few too many runs, and we lost one too many players to a busted face while attempting to catch the guy who got 68. And while we had 3 guys get past 30 valiantly chased, it’s hard to see how we were ever going to get 240 off that bowling attack, so 170 wasn’t such a terrible effort. Well played to Andre and Lach, who capped off their season efforts nicely to finish top of the wickets and runs tallies respectively.

So, we end what could be described as not the greatest of GSNDS seasons in terms of results, but certainly one that was played in good spirit, and probably one where we had as much fun as you can when you’re losing, which is a vitally important important part of the Gladdies ethos. One might say it has been ‘character building’.