Match Report: 2021-05-01, GSNDS vs Kingsford Nazgul

The 20ths matched the 19ths by recording a big win at Moore Park. Asked to bat first we weathered a really very strong opening spell, patiently getting to 1/33 off the first 12. But the bowling got much easier after that, with Jimmy cashing in for a second consecutive 40. His retirement and a couple of quick wickets set us back a little, but we consolidated and got to 3/115 off 26. At that point, we just exploded for the last 10, not least helped by Marty scoring 43 off 13 scoring shots. Including 5 singles. Ouch. By the time the 36th was bowled we had 209… you do the match on that last 10 overs.

Jamie and Marty kept it tight early, and when Jamie had a double break through in the 5th, it was grim times for the Apaches. Lach and Jimbo each chimed in with another, and it looked like it might be a short game. But the Apaches dug in, and hit out when they could, and managed two retirements. The bowling was just too good to consistently get away though, and Marty nabbed a couple at the end to leave them nearly 40 short and 7 down. Another good win.