Match Report: 2021-02-27, GSNDS vs Parramates

Not a bad performance week one, but victory is by no means certain. MP6 is not a big ground, but early and late rain made the outfield pretty slow. The top and middle order all got starts, but it was really only Kunal (30) and one D.Burchsixtyfive that really put sustained pressure on the Parramates attack. Still, 192 is eminently defendable, and we have a solid bowling attack too, so victory, and a remote chance of making the major semi final, is still on the cards.

The Gladdies couldn’t quite get it done week two, with Parramates scraping over the line 9 wickets down and with only a handful of overs to spare. Things could have been quite different, not least if poor Simon hadn’t been sconed early on by a ball flying off the rubber run up, or the boundaries were actually close to where they were when we batted, or the outfield as slow. Certainly the Gladdies put in a solid bowling performance… or at least one person did. Parramates were looking very, very comfortable at 0/81 off 17 overs, despite Gus bowling beautifully at one end. Jamie vocalised what we were all thinking – that after 360 odd games it was time for Jimbo to prove himself. Which he then very promptly did, nabbing his first Gladdies hat trick. He backed that up with a further 4 wickets in a very solid 12 over spell, leaving the game delicately poised with Parramates needing 37 off 12 with only 2 wickets in hand. But they ground it out, and took away the bikkies. Still,
a good effort, and very hearty congratulations to Jimothy for his 7 for.