Match Report: 2020-10-31, GSNDS vs Parramates

Mixed bag Saturday. I think most people were assuming cricket would be impossible having driven through reasonably heavy rain on the way to he ground, but other than some fairly minor surface water, things looked pretty much ok. Broomsman Dan fixed the puddles pretty quickly, and, at 9:30, we got underway, having chosen to bat in a fixture reduced to 45 overs a side.

Being only able to use one end made the overs actually go pretty quickly, and the Parramates bowlers were fresh, if not express. With plenty of humidity in the air, nicking off was fairly common, and despite some early boundaries from Lach, it was left to Flossy and Dan to rebuild from 3/54. Which they absolutely did, playing sensibly to take us steadily to 128 in the 25th over, taking advantage of some pretty cod ordinary fielding. Sadly, the one time they fielded well, they caught Dan short, and, even more sadly, the Gladdies middle order then, well, did its usual thing. Before we knew it, we were 9/153. Ouch. But the indefatigable Jamie came out and made the most of his ‘promotion’ to 9, and slapped an excellent 25 to take us to a quite respectable 188.

Hirak served up an absolute jaffa second ball of week two to leave Parramates at 1/0. Jamie also took an early wicket, before Parramates put up a bit of resistance to get to about 60 before the introduction of Rob, and then Jimbo started a steady decline. We, for the most part, held our catches, and eventually the sheer weight of runs on a large and slowish outfield built the pressure, and Jimbo and Rob each nabbed 4 fors (including an outrageous catch down the legside for Kunal off Jimbo), as the Parramates collapsed to be all out for 119. Tidy day’s work, and still top of the table.