Match Report: 2020-07-19, GSNDS vs Chatswood Gypsies

A pretty disappointing loss here. An awful lot of luck went Chatswood’s way, starting with the toss on a pleasant day but with a lot of dew. Our bowling and fielding were solid early, but the Gypsies nevertheless scored at a steady rate, and took advantage of the loose balls. A lot of uppish shots fell into gaps, but a few too many chances also went begging. Once they got a couple of retirees they rammed home their advantage, and whilst we took the 9 wickets, they’d amassed 219 before that happened.

We certainly kept wickets in hand early, but simply could not turn over the strike quickly enough, and at 1/24 after 11 were in quite a deep hole. We upped the rate a little but the inevitable Gladdies mid innings collapse was it’s usual catastrophic self, and at 6/85 after 21, we were pretty much done. There was some entertaining hitting towards the end, particularly from Junior who finished on a career best 65*, and losing by only 13 was actually pretty damn good, but it felt like we conceded more than 13 that we shouldn’t have…