Match Report: 2020-07-04, GSNDS vs Apaches

Basically, we lost wickets to a moving ball… it was swinging away from one end, in from the other and moving away off the deck when bowling from the Lang Rd end. Apaches were a good bunch of guys at least.
Must say if ever there were a ‘peak Robo’ day it was Saturday. COVID regulations were laid down but spoken softly enough that he had to speak really closely doing so. It came to pass that he and Rodney Hogg are mates, he pinched two runs off Jimbo to balance the batting in our scorebook (having initially taken them off, then given them back to, Soli, it appears) and gave Jimbo – yes, that Jimbo – the 3 POTS votes at stumps. Oh and after telling Christian and Jimmy to maintain 2 metres’ distance between them in the field for the last ball of the match, he shook hands when giving back our book. The Hunter was the place to be for this one.