Match Report: 2020-02-29, GSNDS vs Newtown CC

Pretty tough day out week one. The gods were not smiling, and we were asked to bowl on another humid day. We started very well, with Hirak bowling with some real heat and genuine movement, taking an actual cricket wicket with a caught behind early doors. That was unfortunately the last wicket until they got to 100. Given the speed of the Tempe outfield, holing them to 100 off the first 20 wasn’t a bad effort. After that though, things started getting a little ragged. Their batsmen played with class, to be sure, but we gave them far, far too many chances to be even remotely competitive. There were at least 7 drops that I can remember, and a couple of run out chances missed means, for the second time in a few weeks, we’ve essentially gifted the opposition a second innings free of charge. The fourth wicket didn’t fall until they were on 286, and while we got amongst it to snag 6 wickets in the final four overs, the damage was done. 313 for victory next week.

To finish off the regular season, the Gladdies put up a batting performance eerily similar to Australia’s performance here, at least in the sense that we scored far too few runs to be remotely competitive. That said, that comparison very much flatters Australia, as at least they were playing on a ground that gave value for shots, were allowed to select their best performing player from the other team and were playing against a correctly graded team in the first place. While we lost by over 150 runs, I’d be hard pressed to identify much that we did very wrong yesterday… maybe a few loose shots here and there, but mostly we batted pretty well, and certainly accomplished the most important goal – not giving Newtown the satisfaction of an early or outright result, or even indicating that we gave a shit about them in any way shape or form. Winnos and Dan both batted very well in the difficult conditions, scoring 44 and 58 respectively.