Match Report: 2020-02-01, GSNDS vs Seaweeds

Pretty solid effort week one in incredibly humid conditions at Beaman. Even sitting in the shade was like a sauna, so winning the toss was a pretty handy start to the day. The lush thick grass was a pretty picture but sure did make scoring runs hard. The bowling attack was solid from at least one end, so it quickly became a pretty tough battle, and one that the Gladdies stuck to all day. Winnos and Kunal scored the early runs, while Burchmore put in an incredibly gutsy effort in the middle order. Fortunate too, because he seemed to be a hair’s breadth away from spilling his guts all over the ground for much of the morning. He toughed it out for an outstanding 36 before the fitness fanatic B Wilson literally ran hot, melting his shoes and the scorecard with a brutal 56 not out. Combined a with a nice cameo at 9 from Simon, we finished with a very healthy 8/231 after 50 overs. The temperature gauge in my car was a toasty 43 when I set off home. Scorcher.

So yeah. Not so much with the cricket round two.