Match Report: 2019-08-10, GSNDS vs Edgemasters

The Gladdies did not triumph. If anything, we were kind of hammered.

Edgemasters won the toss and sent us in. A pretty good move, really, as we pretty much gave them catching practice in the first 14 overs, to be 4/42 pretty quickly. That practice didn’t really pay off too much though, as they proceeded to drop me at least 5 times, which was nice. Kunal was an absolute rock on the other hand, not needing any lucky chances to get his 40. The tail dug in a little, before another flurry of wickets around the 130 mark left Kunal absolutely everything to do. And he did a bloody good job, putting away the bad balls before finally getting bowled for a priceless 86 – a very solid contribution out of a score of just 179.

Given our start, 179 felt like a pretty good total, but it was not even close to enough. Edgemasters slammed 62 from the first 7 overs, and there wasn’t much of a contest left. Jimbo and Soli bowled quite tidy spells to delay the inevitable, and picked up a wicket each for their troubles, but Edgemasters plastered us all round the park and finished on 2/180 off just 27 overs. Ouch.