Match Report: 2019-07-21, GSNDS vs Coogee Bay Rebels

The Gladdies went down to Coogee Bay, but gees we sure didn’t go down without a fight. Coogee Bay won the toss and batted like they had a plane to catch, absolutely pulverising us early. They’d scored more than their entire innings against us two weeks ago in the first 8 overs, and didn’t lose a wicket until the 24th over (ouch!), by which stage they had a lazy 164 on the board. The Gladdies pulled it in a little at that point, with evergreen Dan picking up another 3 wicket haul, but the final damage was 6/237 off 36. Not an impossible task, especially on Moore Park 4. But hardly a walk in the park either.

We lost a wicket early, but then Dan and Lach came together to get some runs on the board. Dan retired, and Lach was one of 5 Gladdies to get 25 or more. Rob, Christian, Hirak and Jamie all came to the party, and despite the required rate hovering above 10 for much of the backend of the innings, we actually came ridiculously close, falling just 5 runs short in the end. A pretty bloody solid result against one of the better teams in the grade.