Match Report: 2019-03-31, GSNDS vs Edgemasters

4 minutes of madness.

That was pretty much all it took to sink season 2018-19 for the Gladdies. Between 12:26pm and 12:30pm on Sunday we went from 2/13 (which, admittedly, wasn’t awesome) to 6/13 (which, I think you’ll all agree, is pretty much the opposite of awesome). And even though we were only chasing 114 for victory, we were pretty much done.

The day had started well, with the Gladdies sending in Edgemasters, and Kunal taking three consecutive catches at 2nd slip and gully to have them reeling at 3 for 16 in the 7th over. They bunkered down for a while, but a couple of wickets to Lach had them 5/68 at drinks. The Gladdies continued to bowl well, with Dan and Lach each finishing with 3 wickets for not many runs, to have them all out for 113 in the 42nd over. At which point Jamie’s salad’s were sweet and the world seemed great. An hour later and we were waiting for the pub. Congrats to Kunal for watching the carnage from the other end and gritting his teeth for a top score of 26, and Centejas for his lusty swinging to get 22. Jamie’s 11 was the only other score above two. It still hurts just to type that. So, we’re done for another summer. I suppose finishing third is creditable, although perhaps we all know that we could have done a little better. Next year.