Match Report: 2018-11-03, GSNDS vs Scott Muller CC

An odd sort of a week 1. The Gladdies were asked to bat on a hot day, and the bowling didn’t seem all that sharp so, for the most part, we hit out with abandon. We scored at about 5 an over for much of the day, but unfortunately the fielding was rather better than the bowling, and a very large number of dismissals were caught playing perhaps overly expansive shots. But hey, it’s 4th grade, and we had Rookie and Gus, so what could go wrong? Certainly the twin 40s from those two helped us make 197 off a tick under 40 overs, and a quick 9 overs at them would surely be handy.

It was, but pretty much all for them as it turned out. Contrary to expectations, they went absolutely berserk, and when the dust cleared at stumps, they were 1/97. Ouch. Still, their guy who got 50 apparently couldn’t come week 2, so we had them right where we want them.

Seems Scott Muller couldn’t bowl or throw, but could bat, with his tribute team running out 7 wicket winners in week 2, only losing one further wicket in the 21 odd overs it took them to score the required 101 runs. They were happy to keep playing, but only for their batting benefit and with no risk of an outright loss, so, funnily enough, we called it quits.