Match Report: 2018-07-21, GSNDS vs Red Sun

The Gladdies had a victory for the ages here, and in the process emerged as minor premiers in 9th grade. Chapeau!

Things did NOT look so good frankly at any point during the Red Sun innings. They hit the ball hard from the get go, and MP6 was small and fast. We didn’t take a wicket for 15 overs, and they scored 97 in that time. Celebrity skipper Marty rang the bowling changes, but not much could be done, as even the 13 year old took us downtown. We took a few more catches in the second stanza, including some exceptional ones, but they scored even more runs, and when the dust settled, they had scored 281… more than we’ve had put on us in a long time.

The chase started well, but a shocking LBW against Dan and Cramsie being given out caught despite having cleared the fence left us feeling a little up against it. We hit a few boundaries to keep the run rate up, but at 5/78 in the 13th over, it was looking grim. Lachlan and Soli steadied the ship, putting together 66 in 9 overs to keep us in the game. Enter Marty. Marty came back about 4 overs later having scored 43, but we still needed 90 off the last 11. Lach and Jamie kept hitting, and Lach retired after being the anchor for much of the innings. Marty came back, and four overs later, we’d won the game. Jamie finished on 26, extras had a blow out and finished on 58, but Marty conquered all with 80 off, by my estimate, about 30 balls. Unbelievable. Beers followed at the Bavarian to celebrate a very, very successful end to the 9ths regular season.