Match Report: 2018-07-08, GSNDS vs Sydney Invicta

The 9ths bandwagon rolled on, and while it looked like it was going to be another walkover, a couple of key drops meant the whole thing dragged out til 4pm. But we won by 3 wickets, so all good.

Asked to bowl first, the Gladstones made early inroads, with some catches sticking, eventually, at slip, with Jimbo and terry picking up a brace each. At 5/48, things did not look very victa for the Invicta, and perhaps a bit of complacency crept into the Gladdies game, as a couple of chances went begging, and batsmen 6 and 7 really capitalised, each getting 40, and then coming back and getting 50s. In the end we couldn’t get all of them, and the last 10 overs went for 80 runs, meaning we had a healthy 179 to chase down.

Invicta’s fielding was not outstanding, and we also capitalised, with Dan and an unusually circumspect Rookie each knocking up very sensible 40s. Terry also got a very solid 32 and we never looked behind the game at all, despite never really taking control. A few late wickets made things interesting* for the few spectators, but Dan closed it out with two and a half overs to spare. Thanks to Charlie for turning up with a bung knee, missing out on a role due to a ridiculous team sheet stuff up, but offering moral support and copious scoring throughout.