Match Report: 2018-05-06, GSNDS vs Glenbrook Blaxland

The Gladdies dished out another devastating loss, this time to poor Glenbrook Blaxland, who really copped some stick. It started from the 3rd over, with Charlie doing his usual 4, 4, 6 routine, and kept going in that vein. The numbers speak for themselves: Dan 47, Marty 54 and Kunal a chanceless 82. Glenbrook didn’t bowl that badly, but their fielding, and in particular their catching, were pretty ordinary. Still, it was a fast outfield, so while chasing down 266 for the win was unlikely, there were plenty of opportunities for them to get a good score, right?

Nope. Marty just wasn’t interested, taking Glenbrook batsmen 2-5 in his first three overs, all for ducks. Game over. 5 other bowlers chipped in with a wicket each, and some damn fine catching, but really, it was a bit of a desultory affair winning by 188 runs. In a 36 over a side match, that’s pretty devastating. Doubtless we’ll be thrashed next week in 10ths to make up for it.