Match Report: 2018-04-21, GSNDS vs Sutherland Lions

The 9ths got off to one hell of a cracking start in round one, bringing up the winning runs in the 17th over. Which is even more impressive when you realise we were chasing 162 for victory.

The Lions won the toss and batted and were pretty cautious against Marty and Chris Le Lievre, a last minute addition. Wides were pretty much the only runs they could rely on, and at 3/37 after 13, things were really not looking good for them. Jimbo and Soli kept the pressure on in the middle overs, and 161 was an excellent result given they were 5/82 with 10 overs to go. But they found some confidence and some boundaries, before Rob came back and snuffed out the tail, the 4-fa more than making up for the 8 wides he bowled in his first 2 overs. One of the wickets was an absolutely outrageous catch to Chris. Not the first time that’s happened either.

The Gladdies had the pedal absolutely to the metal from the first ball of our innings. The run rate started at 17 after the first over, and did not dip below 10 an over (that’s right, 10) until 8 balls from the end of our innings. Charlie, Centejas and Chris all scored brutal 40s, with the Gladdies racking up 25 fours and 3 sixes. The poor Lions may well have a long season ahead of them.


Match report brought to you by Pink Party Bus (mops extra)