Match Report: 2018-03-03, GSNDS vs Blazing Tigers

Another excellent effort week one had the Gladstones very well placed to end the regular season with a win. Some insane catches from Dan and Cramsie, plus an early LBW to Marty had them 3/5 and in deep poop. But the Blazing Tigers rallied well to be 4/106 at drinks. The Gladdies missed a couple of chances here and there, but generally bowled and fielded pretty well, and wickets fell fairly regularly such that they were 9 all out for 203 in the 42nd over. Rookie picked up 3 and Marty, Winnos and Lach took 2 each. In the 5 further overs before stumps TJ and Winnos took us to 0/15.

The Gladdies got it done week two. Just.

TJ and Winnos laid a solid platform, but the Blazing Tigers bowling was consistently tight, with runs hard to come by. The catching was also pretty solid, with few chances missed. While most people got a start, the Tigers snaffled their chances, and we had a bit of a wobble to leave us at 5/94, before Rookie and Jimmy D had a near 50 run partnership off just 8 overs to put us right back in the context. A few sixes into the construction area slowed the game down somewhat, and another wobble had us at 8 for 145, still 60 odd short. But Rookie this time combined with Jamie to hit us out of trouble, and the winning runs were hit with 1 wicket and 6.5 overs to spare.

So, a great finish to the regular season, setting us up for a sudden death semi final against Wood Duck County.