Match Report: 2017-11-11, GSNDS vs Ottam

I wasn’t there to give a blow by blow description on day one, but it sounds like the Gladdies put on an excellent bowling and fielding performance to restrict Ottam to just 172 on Moore Park 4, with Rob and Jamie taking 3 and 4 wickets respectively. Chapeau!

(Editor’s note: eight catches, excellent bowling from all and a great day in the field)

The Gladdies came whisker close to snatching another outright victory day two, as another opponent made the careless error of turning up undermanned in week 2… and letting guys leave half way through a day’s play.

Rookie and Winnos set up the dramatic finale with a 130 odd run partnership, going at 6 an over for 10 overs, and then 10 an over for 6. Rookie finished on 92, Winnos 59, and Rob and Funky put some icing on the cake, until Funky got hit in the face and gave pretty much everyone a minor heart attack. According to Facebook, it’s all good.

Despite some confusion over the actual required target, after we lost some overs at the start of the days play, we decided to play on anyway, to try and get as close to full day’s play as possible. Ottam clearly didn’t think that was the way to go. They started with 9, but by the time we declared at 3/220, they only had seven guys left.

The remaining 13 overs started to get interesting when Jamie took a wicket in his first over, then Marty another at the start of his second. Marty and Jimbo got another each, leaving Ottam with just 2 wickets in hand and a few overs to play. In the end, they passed the runs with a little time to spare, but it was certainly much closer than I think anyone thought it was going to be. Another great performance by the Gladdies.