Match Report: 2017-08-05, GSNDS vs Chatswood Gypsies

The good news is, we only have one match, at most, for the next few weeks. The bad news is, that means we lost our 10th grade semi-final against the Gypsies.

For the second time in a row the Gypsies won the toss and bowled, and while our batting effort this time was a lot better than the last game, it turned out to be not quite enough. After losing a couple of early wickets, Dan and AJ Jnr put on an excellent partnership, keeping the scoreboard moving. We accelerated further in the second half, taking full advantage of some dropped chances by the Gypsies. Rob and Marty regularly peppered the boundary, before Dan came back to record yet another half century, as we scrambled to 6/242, one of our best ever winter comp scores. Couldn’t lose from there, surely.

Turns out we could. The Gypsies batted very well going after the loose balls, and pacing their chase well. We certainly helped out with quite a few gifted runs and chances. While matters weren’t helped by one shocking decision against us, we just didn’t have the firepower to hold them, and they racked up the runs with a couple of overs and a whopping 7 wickets in hand. Ouch.