MATCH REPORT: 2016-07-17, GSNDS vs Kirribilli Crusaders

A pretty remarkable victory in this one. We were sent in to bat with only 8 players, and Bedlam Bay played its usual havoc with our scoring. 0/26 after 5 was pretty good, but 7/47 after 22 not so much. However, our 9th arrived in the nick of time, and combined with opener Lach to double our score by the end of the innings. 95 was probably a little below par, but certainly something to defend.

Despite having the foresight to send us in, Kirribilli didn’t seem to have the foresight to see that wildly swinging for boundaries was not a good way to chase a target requiring less than 3 per over. For once the cry of ‘catches coming’ was both accurate and heeded, with 7 quality grabs taken and only 2 very difficult chances put down. Tight bowling from all six bowlers led to some very tidy figures, including 3/15 from debutant Sulabh and 3/5 (!) from wily veteran Jimbo. Kirribilli did a quality Gladdies impression, going from 0/11 to all out 54, handing us a 41 run victory. Outstanding effort by all, so congrats to all.