MATCH REPORT: 2016-05-14, GSNDS vs Sydney Super Kings

The little ray of sunshine on season 2016 was pretty thoroughly shut out yesterday when the Gladstones were smashed at Waterworth Park. Our first 16 overs with the ball were excellent, holding the Super Kings to just 3/48, but after that it all went pretty south, pretty quickly. They had two retirees, one of whom came back to notch up a 100 off the last ball of the innings, having belted us for his last 65 runs off just 6 overs. 206 was the damage in the end. Not an impossible task, but pretty f.ckin close to it.

We were up to our foxing best with the bat too, losing 3 for 13, then 2 for 4, and finishing off with an impressive final collapse of 4 for 16. Dave provided some light relief with a 6 and a few 4s in amongst all that, but the winning margin of 121 runs was about 50% better than our total score.