MATCH REPORT: 2016-04-17, GSNDS vs Edgemasters A

A jovial but fairly unsuccessful start to the season for the Gladdies. The rain held off long enough to get through most of our 36 overs, thanks largely to an outstanding effort from number 9 by AJ Jnr. Marooned at 8/31 (for real), he then proceeded to outscore each of our other batsmen, then all of them put together, then all of them put together plus sundries, finally falling with the score on 65. Congrats to Biscoes for providing some good running. Mostly.

Although it didn’t look good at that point, the very, very long grass at Bedlam Bay meant there was at least some hope of holding out Edgemasters for a bit. That hope was dashed, if not within a couple of overs, then certainly within 7, because they brought up their 69 in a grand total of 6.4 overs. On the upside, as Rob said, we didn’t drop a catch!

So, let’s put that down as another triumph of SMCA grading and focus on enjoying the long weekend (no cricket) and the first game in 6ths.