Match Report: 2016-02-13, GSNDS vs Black Sheep

Solid performance in week one has us bang on target to register win number 3. A welcome return from D.D. Winterton had him scoring 80 at the top of the order on another jungle-dense outfield at Arncliffe. Sumit scored a very well compiled 56, and Dan, Senior and Rob all chipped in to help us get to an outstanding 226 off the 50 overs, one of our best performances all year, and plenty to defend next week.

A pretty good day for the Gladdies in week two has us well and truly back in the hunt for the finals. The Black Sheep did their absolute best Gladdies impression, turning up with 5 to begin with (and 9 by the end), and padded that out with numerous parachute drops of dismissals to hand the Gladdies their first outright win in quite some years. Sumit and Martin were the destroyers in the first innings, and despite a few dropped catches here and there, we still gave ourselves enough time to take the 8 wickets in the 2nd with 8 overs and 36 runs to spare. Soloman took 3 wickets, and Brendan was gifted 3 by the Black Sheep batting, pulling out his mysterious “reverse bouncing” ball.

Anyway, we’ll see how the maths play out, but lets hope a win in the final round is enough.