Match Report: 2017-07-22, GSNDS vs Chatswood Gypsies

Not a great finish to the 10ths regular season. On the same ground we started the season with a win, we finished with a loss against the same opponents. Once again the first two sessions went each way, the Gypsies dominating the session before drinks, with us managing just 2/55 off 18 overs. In the second 18 we found the boundary a lot more, motoring to 204 for 6, with 40s to Dan and Binya and solid contributions from Jnr and Jimmy D.

However, having seen the field in action for 36 overs, the Gypsies had a much better grip on how many gaps there were, how short the boundaries were and how fast the outfield was, and they capitalised from early on. Wickets fell with moderate regularity, but frankly, in 10ths, you’re kind of better off just having a swing and taking your chances, and they rode that comfortably to bring up the runs with nearly 5 overs to spare. A salutary lesson on park cricket heading into the finals, which, fortunately, I think we’ll make as it seems Glenbrook beat Smithfield.